Customized in-house training


We discuss and choose the topics of interest for your company.

Courses can be derived from our public portfolio or designed from scratch. We can develop a training programme to address any of your learning and development needs.

The result is a perfectly customized training solution at your chosen location.


All of our in-house courses can be taylored at no extra cost, there are no hidden fees.


We work with the best in class, simple as that. Our trainers have the right mix of subject matter expertise, instructional experience, and relevance within their industries.

When and where it suits you

In-house courses put you in control of the timing and allows you to work flexibly around your employees' schedules.
Tailored to your needs

Being the only client in the room allows you to choose the subjects and case studies that matter to your business.
Value for money

Training cost per delegate is significantly lower. Not to mention the additional travel and accommodation costs.
Time is money

By having us come to you, there is no need for any lengthy travel.

Having a room full of employees from different departments and levels encourages teamwork. This will lead to an increased awareness and understanding of each other’s roles. A friendly workplace is always a good thing!
Address your issues

In-house trainings will be designed to fix your individual issues using real-life examples. Your delegates will be able to understand the particular cases of work issues which relate directly to their roles.

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