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    The importance of effective strategic brand planning remains top of mind for business leaders in pharma given customers’ high expectations and increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in the market. So, as business leaders think critically about how to adapt, many are reassessing their own brand plans. Brand and business planning is the process of allocating resources to a strategy designed to achieve a business objective that drives a brand closer to delivering on its brand equity.

    When it comes to brand and business planning, the key activities by pharma leaders can be grouped into three categories: 1) Emphatise (Research) and Define (Insights); 2) Ideate and Prioritise; 3) Pitch, Adapt and Test.

    This course will provide you toolkits, canvass and real-life business cases to implement in your day-to-day activities. It is tailored for innovation, co-creation, and agility. It allows you to find a new business propositions based on customer insights, create marketplaces and enforce the brand equity for both new and existing businesses and brands.

    Learning Objectives

    • A cross-functional process for planning tactics that will strategically boost the success of your brands
    • Analytical tools to discover key leverage points from patient-centric and stakeholder insights
    • “Where to play?” – What segmentation criteria are useful, and how to prioritise opportunities for your brand
    • “How to win?” – How to develop a brand positioning statement and a value proposition.
    • To set a foundation of clear value proposition, business model and pitching
    • To have a better understanding of your ecosystem and identified partners and engage on a deeper collaboration
    • To learn how to use open innovation principles and co-creation
    • To learn how to leverage your ecosystem to confirm your hypothesis
    • To meet the expert and course members to leverage the knowledge and resources of the group

    Key Topics

    • To develop insights on customers (HCP), end users (patient), influencers and payors; Stakeholder mapping
    • To establish what are the Value Propositions, Brand Jobs to be Done, and the customer and consumer tasks
    • To segment your market, establish the sources of business, interaction points in the patient journey and treatment moments
    • To understand the treatment classes, moments of diagnosis, most prescribed treatments per target patient
    • To find opportunities in initiating and repeating treatment, dosing, adherence/compliance, differentiated benefits, and positioning
    • Quantitative desk and market research, brand performance, brand barometers
    • Brand communication and promotional tools; efficacy, safety, adherence and comparative trials
    • Competitive landscaping
    • Brand strategy; Key issues, strategic imperatives and tactics
    • Promotional tools and activities, including digital marketing
    • Roadmap to validate the Value Proposition and Stakeholder Mapping
    • Pitching
    • Feasibility testing, revisiting and finetuning pharma marketing strategy

    Who should attend?

    Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Project Managers, Customer Success Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Key Account Manager, Strategic Partnering Manager, Commercial Operations Manager

    Our online training experience includes

    • Our client zone – a single source for all training materials as well as pre and post-training communication
    • Live interactive format via the Zoom platform
    • Direct interaction with the trainer
    • Q&As, case studies, polls
    • Revisit recorded sessions for 7 days
    • Training in digital format
    • Digital and LinkedIn certificates


    Martin Valks
    Martin offers expertise in both strategy as well as operational implementation. He has worked in diverse roles, climbing in responsibility, in marketing, sales business development and market access access in Akzo Nobel, Novartis, Coloplast and Tillotts Pharma. He was responsible for profit and loss of triple digit million-euro budgets and realised double digit compounded annual growth. He also managed acquisition and integration of two double digit million annual sales Product acquisitions of Astra Zeneca and Astellas.

    PC, microphone, camera, stable internet connection and the Zoom application.

    Yes, we will make every effort to ensure best possible interaction. You will see the slides, interact with the trainer and fellow participants. Questions and group exercises will be facilitated through the online meeting platform.

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    Lydia Makori
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    "It is not at all frequent to find this grade of preparation and reaction to specific cases such as the ones presented. I'm enthusiastic! Thanks really."
    Tech Transfer Lead, Novartis

    "Practical examples were extremely useful and well presented."
    Senior Development Specialist, Bioton

    "Diving into the case studies and the ensuing discussion and learnings were great."
    Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Csl Behring

    "Excellent work of the lecturer, good materials, clear explanations."
    Clinical Pharmacologist, Boehringer Ingelheim

    "You succeed only when you are trained enough! Trust Symmetric's Training Team to achieve your goals."
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    "Very well organized event. Thanks and hope to work-learn from you again soon."
    Deputy Manager of Solid Dosage Forms Plant, Gedeon Richter

    "Many thanks for the invitation, organization of the training and the atmosphere. I found the course very well organised and presented."
    Formulation Manager, Curia