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    Besides online and in-house training, our team of experts is also providing consulting sessions that help  clients overcome challenges of pharmaceutical development in order to launch their innovative treatment solutions. Get in touch using the form below today and our team will answer your questions in any area of your product lifecycle.  

    pharmaceutical drug development

    Helping clients develop cutting-edge new drugs for the worldwide market. Applying latest trends in bioequivalence and dissolution testing to speed up research & development initiatives. 

    Dr. Paula Muniz – Bioequivalence, IVIVC
    Dr. Klaus Rensing – ATMPs
    Franz Nothelfer – Viral Safety
    Dr. Malcolm Ross – Dissolution

    pharmaceutical quality systems training certification

    Ensuring compliance of quality management systems through-out all phases of drug development. 

    Dr. Tony Cundel – Stability, Microbial Testing – Biologics
    Dr. Malcolm Ross – Stability, Shelf-life – Solid Dosage

    pharmaceutical process scale-up consulting

    Helping companies successfully scale-up manufacturing of biologics, solid dosage forms, injectables and medical devices. Applying best practices in validation and technology transfer to our customer’s current goals. 

    Dr. Michael Braun – Solid Dosage
    Dr. Samuel Denby – Biologics
    Dr. Laura Butafoco – Injectables
    Jan Harmsen – Industrial processes

    pharma regulatory certification

    Navigating clients through the complex regulatory landscape of pharmaceuticals and biologics. Co-creating and co-analysing clinical trials while focusing on fast-to-patient market access strategy.  

    Dr. Karl-Heinz Huemer – Paediatric Clinical Trials
    Dr. Simon Day – Orphan Drugs Clinical Trials
    David Schwicker – Orphan Drugs Market Access
    Dr. Malcolm Ross – Value Added Medicines

    orphan drugs strategy

    Helping clients develop and launch new orphan drugs while staying compliant with the current regulations. Using our orphan drugs market know-how, from both EMA/FDA and industry perspective, to benefit from growing possibilities in rare diseases.  

    David Schwicker – Clinical Development, Regulatory, Market Access and Patient Centricity
    Dr. Simon Day – Orphan Drugs Clinical Trials, Biostatistics

    pharmaceutical consulting experts

    Consulting Case Studies

    Viral Safety for Biologics: A biopharma company attempting to launch a virus clearance of biosimilars study was unsure about their plans for extended Phase I/II study and unable to create Phase III/market study. Thanks to Symmetric’s support, the company developed and executed virus clearance study of 3 selected ATMPs in less than 6 months. Discussions and insights about viral clearance reporting to EMA & FDA, design and validation of scale-down models, worst-case parameters and critical process parameters set the team for success.

    Patient Centricity Opportunities: An orphan-drugs focused pharmaceutical company was struggling to implement patient centricity into their clinical trials development. Symmetric helped the clinical research team apply patient-focused strategies, beyond standard clinical trials. Development of innovative PRO strategies helped this client reduce the usual clinical trial drop-out rate from 30% to just 5%.

    Paediatric Clinical Trials: A biopharma company was aiming to launch its first paediatric clinical trial. Consulting sessions with one of our experts solved client’s most burning issues regarding protocol writing, clinical trial model selection and recruitment of paediatric patients.. Moreover, using our global networks, we helped the company cooperate with relevant patient advocacy groups. As a result, client was able to create 5 age-tailored information booklets explaining CTs’ aims and procedures.

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