Besides training, our trainers are also available for consulting sessions in their respective fields. For more information, please get in touch using the form below.

    Drug Development

    Dr. Paula Muniz – Bioequivalence, IVIVC
    Dr. Helge NeidhardtCMC
    Franz Nothelfer – Viral Safety
    Dr. Malcolm Ross – Dissolution

    Process Scale-up, Validation & Technology Transfer

    Dr. Michael Braun – Solid Dosage
    Dr. Samuel Denby – Biologics
    Dr. Laura Butafoco – Injectables
    Jan Harmsen – Industrial processes

    Pharmaceutical Quality

    Dr. Tony Cundel – Stability, Microbial Testing – Biologics
    Dr. Malcolm Ross – Stability, Shelf-life – Solid Dosage

    Regulatory, Clinical Trials & Market Access

    Dr. Helge Neidhardt – CMC
    Dr. Simon Day – Orphan Drugs Clinical Trials
    Dr. Karl-Heinz Huemer – Paediatrics
    David Schwicker – Orphan Drugs Market Access
    Dr. Malcolm Ross – Value Added Medicines

    Orphan Drugs Strategy

    David Schwicker– Clinical Development, Regulatory, Market Access and Patient Centricity
    Dr. Simon Day– Orphan Drugs Clinical Trials, Biostatistics