About us

    Our Mission

    Symmetric is a leading international training provider for Pharma & Biotech professionals in fields of drug development, pharmaceutical quality, process management, manufacturing, regulatory affairs and clinical trials. We train more than 1,500 professionals from over 500 companies annually.

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    Main goal of Symmetric is to help our clients:

    • enhance crucial hard skills
    • boost career by completing our certified online live courses
    • network with industry professionals from all over the world
    • solve burning work challenges with top experts

    The company was established in 2015 by a group of experienced training and development professionals with a passion for professional education and an understanding of the pharma and biotech industries. Over the years, we have developed a portfolio of 30+ established hard-skill training courses. Our trainers are experienced industry professionals with a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by our clients. Symmetric’s team of over 20 experts provides not only online live courses, but also bespoke in-house training tailored to the requirements of our clients and consulting upon request.

    Our Live Online Courses

    • All of our public courses are delivered in a live online environment via the Zoom platform.
    • During the training, delegates are able to take part in discussions and ask the tutor any questions.
    • Courses’ agendas are filled with Q&As, case studies, group exercises and polls to ensure interactive experience.
    • Each delegate gains exclusive access to our client zone – a single source for all training materials as well as pre and post-training communication.
    • Participants are able to revisit full recordings of the course for 7 days.
    • After the course, each delegate receives a digital certificate, also suitable for LinkedIn.

    Our Training Portfolio

    All public courses can also be delivered privately, either online or face-to-face. Our portfolio currently covers following pharma & biotech topics:

    Process Scale-up, Validation & Technology Transfer:

    Our Commitment

    Our management and partners have long had an affection for Africa and the country of Kenya in particular. Besides having a customer support office in Nairobi, we take part in an NGO effort to create jobs for local graduates as well as educational programmes sponsored by the Integra Foundation.

    Our Management Team

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    Attila Molnar
    Strategy & Management

    pharma learning leader

    Lydia Makori
    Business Development Specialist

    pharma learning strategy

    Michal Laco
    Business Strategy, Operations

    pharma learning strategy

    Matej Boda
    Biotech & Medical Devices Division

    pharma learning strategy

    Marek Babusiak PhD.
    Pharma, Biotech Division

    Tatiana Nebusova
    Finance & Operations